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Welcome to Sixth Space!

Your source for 1/6th scale custom heads, accessories, and clothing.

I created this site as an answer to several problems I've run into during my custom endeavors.
This hobby isn't exactly cheap, and buying complete sets and figures for one item tends to be very costly.
The lack of decent non-military head sculpts, accessories, and clothing for custom figures and dioramas has lead
me to make my own, and after showing my customs to others I often get flooded with requests
for a copy of the piece I've just finished.

Fortunately for me and you, the problems solve each other.
And thus, I give you...


All casted pieces offered here are made of solid resin.

As with all resin castings, unless you have a vacuum chamber, there are
going to be some air bubbles in the cast. Usually for heads they are
found on the back, where the details of the hair tend to catch
them. Let me assure you that I will not sell any cast that
has defects that greatly impair the look of the item.