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In 1977 a film called Star Wars was an instant overnight success with state of the art sound
and visual effects. It was also the first movie to have an action figure tie-in. Creating
a new 3 3/4th inch format they revolutionized the toy industry with an
impressive array of figures, accessories, playsets, and vehicles.
And it all started from a line consisting of just 12 figures.

I hate it when this happens!
 Here we have a typical Darth Vader with a typical flaw.  It seems his vinyl cape has ripped along the holes for the arms making it impossible for it to stay on the figure.  This has obviously happened to me before as I have one complete mint Darth Vader plus 4 ripped open capes.  I wonder where all those Vaders went?
Uhh... Where have you guys been?
 Why do the limbs of the Stormtroopers usually change from a brilliant bright white to a disgusting urine yellow over time?  None of my other white colored figures, such as luke, leia, and han, do this, so why them?  And it's not all of them just most of 'em.  As if these are the troops who have been delegated to cleaning out the Imperial septic tanks.  Eeww!!!
Heads will roll!!
 When Kenner changed the design of the head peg, durring the Empire run, moving it from the head to the body, they made it easier to pry the heads off the figures.  Unfortunately this made them part of the body which was a hard semi-brittle plastic.  These new pegs couldn't always handle the stress placed on them by a child.  Why on earth we were pulling their heads off I'll never know.
Oww!  That's gotta hurt!
These are the remains of one Stormtrooper who had been deployed into the backyard region and was left behind by his squad one weekend.  There he was left behind to face a terror more powerful than the entire Imperial Army,  THE LAWNMOWER!!  And this is only one poor soul who lost his life to that dreaded of all evils.  Others include Bespin Han, several small mego StarTrek figures and a few others.

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