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Android 001
Time Wave Zero

Android 001, Time Wave Zero's second figure, based off of Roy Batty from the Sci-Fi cult classic Blade Runner.  Their first figure, the Android Hunter; based off of the main character Rick Deckard has been available for quite some time now.  Totally unlicensed of course and limited to only 500 pcs., where else could a gem like this come from but the land of the rising sun?

Well,... I've been waiting for this for about 6 months now, and I finally received him in the mail this morning.  I thought I would write up a little review to show off my latest acquisition, and maybe help justify the $130 bucks I paid for him.

$130 BUCKS!!?? you say, well all I can say is that I'm a big Blade Runner fan, as well as a fan of Rutger Hauer, the actor who played the character this figure was patterned after.

I wasn't sure exactly how to go about this so I decided to follow the  guide set up by Michael's Review of the Week.

I pre-ordered mine through The Toy Syndicate back last summer for $130.  The price has gone up since then, but they still have them avialable for $150.  I've also heard they were available somewhere else but can't remember where.  If you know drop me a line and I'll update this part.

Packaging - ***

The packaging is quite nice considering that this is basically an unlicensed figure and considering the crappy box the first figure, android hunter, came in.  The design, looking much like a box from DML, is well made.  Everything from its front flap held down with velcro, to the removable plastic tray, make this completely collector friendly.  But while the box itself is great, the graphics decorating the box are a bit of a let down.  Looking at them you can easily tell that the design for this was set up on someone's PC.  Everything on here has a pixelated quality about it and the edges have been lightly anti-aliased giving it a somewhat cheap look.  Another problem besides the quality of the graphics is the images themselves.  the picture on the front of the box is a photo of the prototype head that's been blown up to life size.  at this size it's very easy to see the imperfections in the sculpt, but more over the fact that it's not the same head that's been included with the figure.

Sculpting - **1/2
The sculpting on the head is fairly decent, but after using the prototype photos to advertise the figure, I feel that some people are going to be disappointed.  The prototype looks a lot like actor Rutger Hauer, but the production head isn't as good.  My main problem is with the eyes, the most important feature, which they got perfect with the prototype, now isn't quite right.  Another problem other than the likeness is the way the neck has been sculpted.  It doesn't match up with the body and totally negates any forward motion that it could of had.

Paint - **
The paint application is fairly good.  While it is even and smooth, some of the colors and placement are off.  The lips bother me,  there's just so much red that it looks like he's wearing lipstick.  The blue/gray wash in his hair looks a bit sloppy and just a little too blue. And the highlights in his eyes almost completely block out his pupils.

Body - **1/2
Standing tall at almost 13" and sporting over 35 points of articulation, with poseable hands to boot, Android 001 towers over most of the other figures in my collection.  The body, while not a direct copy, is very reminiscent to the DML figures with a few exceptions.  The first, and my favorite, is the addition of shoulder articulation that allows it to move backwards & forwards as well as upwards which makes it possible to put his arms up in a realistic way.  The second is the lack of double jointed knees, instead they gave him large cuts in his legs that allow them to bend almost as well.  The last, and by far the worst, would be the wrists.  The hand looks like a standard dragon wrist, but instead of a simple peg they threw in a totally unneeded ball joint that barely works and looks horrendous. 

Most of the joints in the body are quite loose, and the material that it's made of is pretty shoddy as well. By the time I had taken off the clothing to get a better look at the articulation he had already suffered quite a few stress marks, and I'm very careful with my toys,...

I like the fact that the body isn't barrel chested but has that added articulation in the shoulders, the overall quality of the body's construction leaves something to be desired, and it might be better if he was closer in height to the rest of my figures.  The head peg is exactly the same as a DML body so switching the heads would be a very simple task if desired.

Clothing - ***1/2
Here's probably the best part of the figure, and obviously where most of the money went.There isn't a lot of bad things to say here except that they could have used smaller snaps, especially on the pants.  The shoes are well sculpted and seem to be made of a very durable plastic. The rest of his clothing seems to be on par with DML as far as quality goes.  And they included two pads which helps fill out his pants where the hip joint is.

The best part of all is obviously the leather coat.  This piece is what really makes the figure stand out.   The material is exceptional for 1/6th scale clothing and a lot of attention was paid to detail.  The overall quality is very good, but the collar is too tall.  Instead of stopping right below the ear it extends up past the it, which makes the collar look a little odd.

Accessories - 1/2
I decided to score him pretty low here.  I couldn't give him a 0 because unlike some figures, he did come with an accessory, albeit a pretty crappy one.

A big fat albino pigeon, or a dove, whatever,...

While the inclusion of the bird does say that they were thinking, it also reiterates what they weren't trying.  This extra looks as if it was never meant to be taken out of the box.  On the side facing outward it is very well detailed, while the opposite side not only lacks in the detailing of the front but also the definition.

Crappy bird, what more can I say,... I know.  "Where's my extra hand with the nail running through it???".

Value - *
Is it worth it?????   For the $129-$149 price, depending on when you ordered him, what you get is a little substandard.  The quality is slightly below average on all parts.  basically I see it working out this way,... an average DML figure with few accessories goes for about $30-$35.  So, basically you end up paying approx. $100 for a nice quality coat and a limited edition figure.  Now once again, "Is it worth it?".  I guess that all depends upon the eye of the beholder.  It is an awful expensive figure, but no one  has the rights to make official Blade Runner figures right now, so he's your only chance, even if he is a substandard.

Overall - **1/2
Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I want you to know,... I like the figure, It just didn't quite live up to my expectations.  I do a lot of custom work myself, and I suppose that I could work on him a little and make him much better than he is, but at $130+ should I really have to?

"Mmmm,.... Tastes like chicken!!!"