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A Rankin/Bass production

--  J.R.R. Tolkien's  --

Bilbo Baggins
Expert Treasure Hunter

Even though my favorite character would have to be Gandalf, I decided that the main character should probably be done first of all.  So,.. I've started with the central character of 'The Hobbit', Bilbo Baggins. 

Here's a simple scan to see the progress so far.  As you can see I've only finished the head and upper torso, and I think his arms are a bit long.  I'll try fixing that when the time is right.

More to come later,...

06-18-00   -   Bilbo Baggins - early scan

I've almost finished sculpting the lower half of the torso, but in
my mind something's just not quite right.  I'll post a pic or two
when I've worked it all out.