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The simple solution for people who already have a e-commerce merchant agreement

  • No CGI facility required. The Secpay version of Simple Shop does not use CGI
  • No SSL required, Simple Shop will work on any server
  • Basic Instructions included or you can buy our help files for 5.00 (10 for the CD version).

Show me the shop - I've see enough

Some details about what Simple Shop will and will not do:

Free to use as an e-mail order based shop without credit card facility (download now)
Free update to Secpay payment gateway version (on application)
Works with FrontPage 2000 (partly in HTML mode)
JavaScript 'should' work in older browsers
Unlimited products can be added
Customise the look and feel to your own style, change colours etc.
Multiple display formats (5 styles supplied)
User manual available at low cost (10)
Secpay version advantages include;
Pre-configured with a test facility - right out of the box, so to speak!

Confirmation E-mail sent to customer including reference No. and order details
Confirmation E-mail sent to Merchant including reference No. and order details
On-line database stored the order information (secpay facility) 
Downloadable CSV data (secpay facility)
Allows for pre-defined shipping cost to be added to the order (can be varied)
An alternative page that does not include the shipping option allowing you to add this as a field


Simple shop has no facility for multiple purchase discounts
X Simple shop has no facility for checking stock levels
X Simple shop does not have provision for direct database connection
X Simple shop cannot calculate VAT or weight related shipping charges
X Batteries not included

Show me the shop - I've see enough

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