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Custom Figures

Nov. 14th
To see custom Mego 
figures click here.

Here is a partial list of the figures I've created through the years.  Most are in 1/6 scale (12")
unless created for a pre-existing line.  Many more customs await this page, only it seems
that I can never get the pictures taken.  If you have something that you would like to
see here or wish to share your opinion of what you see, send an e-mail to me..
Now sit back and enjoy.

Click here for a preview into my latest custom endeavor,...  KRULL !

 Click here for a complete list of my custom figures.
Custom Figures Index

Evil Dead
Star Trek
These custom figures were based on the recent Power of the Force line by Kenner.  The largest of all the archives, it contains many figures some which have actually seen the light of day in many toy isles.
From one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time comes some very interesting characters rendered in action figure format.
Currently I have only one picture here but it's a big one.  Like with the Star Wars section don't look for this one to be updated to soon, Playmates already chucks those figures out faster than I ever could.
Now After the Death of Highlander on T.V. and the start of production on Highlander: World Without End, I've started up a new section and pulled the Highlander out of the In Progress heap.
G I Joe
Work Bench
This is an archive mainly for super heroes, currently from DC and Marvel Comics.  The highlight of this collection are the Mego super heroes.
I recently put up this new section after my renewed interest sparked by the new offerings of GI JOE.  Combining both the 12" and 3 3/4" formats I hope this will merge the gap between the two and please all GI JOE fans.
These are the characters which stand apart from the rest.  They don't have their own individual sections, but perhaps in time they shall warrant a section of their own.  But until then, this is where they'll be.
This is where I have those projects I haven't finished yet and the ones I can never seem to complete.  So now you can see the progress of the figures as I go.
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