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Army of Darkness
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
When I first saw Sam Raimi’s series of Evil Dead films I was utterly blown
away.  I was Introduced to a heroic character so original and so unusual that
he quickly became my favorite.  As a result I have crafted many Ash figures
over the years and I’ve even seen some made by others, but was never
completely satisfied with the quality or accuracy.... until now.
Evil Dead 2:
Dead By Dawn
6" Ash
A while ago I spied and obtained the fourth issue of Toy Fare and behold, inside the Chop Shop article was instructions for a 6” Ash figure.  Being the Evil Dead fan that I am, I was inspired.  I had to partake in this endeavor, partly because I Enjoy it so much, but mainly because their figure turned out better than my first 6” Ash. I followed the instructions as best I could with the resources I had.  I used a Spiderman body, which is the same sculpt as theirs.  I took the head from a Laser Superman figure because I felt it looked closer to Bruce Campbell.  The left hand was taken from a DS9 Chief O’Brien figure and the bottom halves of his legs were the Ghost Rider’s.  I sanded down the figures muscles and jaw in order to make him look more like Ash.  His chainsaw, watch, shirt, and pants are made of super sculptey.  The chainsaw blade and the top handle were made from a comic board backing.  And The side handle is a bent paper clip covered  with insulation off of some electrical wire. 
Evil Dead 2:
Dead By Dawn
Originally I wanted this to be a 12” Mego figure, but quickly changed my mind after Hasbro released the new 12” G.I. Joe figures.  They have similar articulation to the Megos, but without the visible elbow joint, plus it was easier to come by.  The head is hand made and the hands were also redone.  All of the accessories were made by hand from Sculptey, metal, and plastic.  The clothes were stitched together from various 12” figures.  Finally the entire figure was painted to add a more authentic look.  After seeing other figures of Ash I’ve made when I presented this one to my friends they all had the same opinion. 
After creating the hero of the evil dead series there was only one thing left to
do, make the villain.  Since the first two movies didn’t really have much of an
arch nemesis I chose Evil Ash from Army of Darkness.  Not only a central
character but a stunningly visual one as well.  So to accompany my Ash I
present my Evil Ash.
Army of Darkness
Evil Ash
Since Ash  began as a 12” G.I. Joe figure I created Evil Ash the same way.   The head is  sculpted from Super Sculpey and the hands were taken from an 10” Toy Biz Mandarin.  All of the figures armor was formed  from Super Sculpey, with the exception of his guantlets, and the sword is actually a letter opener. The clothes were pieced together from various 12” Joe figures.  Finally, as before, the entire figure was painted to make him the evil villain he is today.

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