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Custom Figures

Welcome to my workshop  there isn't much here yet but bear with me more scans are on their way
These are not the best pictures because in reality they aren't I simply shoved them into my scanner and away I went. Tried to make them look better but I'm afraid that this is as good as it gets.

Here are a few of the custom heads I have for several seperate projects.
As you can see they are in various stages of completion.

Mad Max
Darth Vader Nightman
The Flash
The Joker


Connor MacLeod

Here I have a G.I. Joe figure in the costume that I've put together for Connor.  Soon I hope to finish the head so everyone can see it.

Juan Sanchez Vila-Lobos
Here is the head for my Ramirez figure. Sculpted from Super Sculptey and painted with water based paint.  The head is finished, now comes the hard part, the costume.
G.I. Joe:
A Real American Hero
This is a start of the Duke costume (on a generic Joe figure, not Duke) that I've Started for my new G.I. Joe section which is also comming soon.