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Custom Mego Figures

This page is totally devoted to Mego figures.  I may start adding other Mego type
figures in the future but for now I'll work with what I have.  Now, let's get to those Megos.

I've finnaly added a new section to my custom MEGO page.
Movie MEGO Figures
Here you can see what I've planned for the future of my custom mego figures.

If you're interested in how to make a custom head for your mego check out this page.
The Evolution of a Custom Mego Head
Here you can find out how I made the head for my custom Joker.

For those out there who love the work of Charlie Flatt, myself included, I scanned the ToyFare Special #2 cover which featured his Venom and Spider-Man.  While the Spidey really impressed me, I thought the Venom was a little shakey.  I'm a Venom fan and I felt that he didn't do the character justice.  So here goes. The photo on the left is Flatt's Venom andseeing how I used Venom's body for my Mego Cable All I had was the head. A little cut & paste and here it is.

Here's the original, yeah I know it's in pretty bad shape but with a magazine as good as this you have to take it with you everywhere you go.  Almost all my issues are like this, or have no cover at all.

After a little digital fixer-upper...

Charlie Flatt's  Venom Head
Star Collector's  Venom Head

I don't know what you think, but I like what I see.  Tell me what you think


Taking a 8" Star Trek Mego body I resculpted the upper half and added a new head.  After I gave him new hands and plastic gauntlets to simulate gloves, the rest of the costume was rather simple.  The shoulder pads were sculpted with Super Sculpey and the belt was from a Mego Lion Rock figure.  Other details were added using scrap plastic.


Robin is a 7" Lion Rock Figure body with newly sculpted head.  New hands and feet were added with painted leather gauntlets to simulate his gloves and boots.  The decals on his costume were actually cut from the cover of a Robin comic book and applied with glue.

Even though this figure is unfinished I decided to post the image anyway. It is a standard Mego body with sculpted head.  Dressmaker pins were used for the nails embedded into his skull.