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Ambassador G'Kar
Last spring as the snow began to melt and the flood waters began to rise, finding myself trapped in my room with a lump of Super Sculptey and a pile of old toys I turned to my favorite hobby.  Noticing the similarities of the 12” G.I. Joe Destro to the actor Andreas Katsulas, I suddenly got the idea of making Babylon 5 figures starting with G’Kar. Taking reference from the t.v. show and applying Sculptey to the head I created G’Kar's unique look.   The collar is made from Super Sculptey. The clothes were made by hand or taken from various 12” Joe figures, the jacket is from a 10” Toy Biz Johnny Blaze.  Finally, as usual, the entire figure was painted according to appearances on Babylon 5. 
Even though this figure is unfinished I decided to post the image anyway. It is a standard Mego body with sculpted head.  Dressmaker pins were used for the nails embedded into his skull. 
Utilizing the remaining Power of the Force Han Solo after creating my Star Wars customs, I thought it would be cool to see what he would look like as Indy.  So here he is.

The Kurgan
The Villian from Highlander, Kurgan was originally a Hercules figure.  His chest, upper right leg, left shoulder, and boots were resculpted and his sword was pieced together from various accessories.  I used layers of ripped cloth to simulate the fur worn on his costume.  All in all not a bad custom job, the fuzzy picture doesn't do it justice. 

Click here for the Darkman custom.