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 Like Kenner, Playmates also turns out almost every character and variation making it difficult
to find worthy characters to customize.  I have no plans to create figures of this type
in the future.  However if you feel that I should continue or have any
specific Ideas you can E-mail me at the address below.

(Odo, Chief O'Brien, Quark, Captain Sisko, Commander Worf, Lt. Commander Dax, General Martok, Dr. Bashir, Major Kira)
Deep Space Nine 7th Season Crew
All of these were created using the first series of DS9 figures with these exceptions:
Dax's arms
ST:TNG 1st series Troi
Commander Worf 
ST: Generations Worf
General Martoq
ST:TNG Gowron in ritual Klingon armor w/ 1st Gowron arms