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All of these were created shortly after the second wave of  "Power of the Force" figures
hit the shelves.  As a result Kenner has made many of these or has plans to
make figures of these types.  But since I put a lot of work into them,
I thought that I might as well leave them up for the time being.

These pictures are of low quality because they were not scanned
by conventional methods. So, until I can scan better
pictures, I'm afraid that these will have to do.

All of these figures are from the early Power of the Force line.  They were redecoed
using Super Sculptey.  They are made from the corresponding figure except
when previously unmade.  The originals are as follows.

Luke Skywalker as X-Wing Pilot
Seeing how the original was a Luke in his Snow Speeder outfit rather than the X-Wing one I altered him by giving him the legs and head off of a TIE Fighter Pilot, the head was hollowed out for the helmet.
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet & Hand
Darth here is the first Darth Vader released with his head hollowed out, to create the helmet, and the top half of an original Lobot head for the face. The same technique was used to make his severed hand.
Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues
Taking a Degobah Luke and adding Super Sculptey to form the jacket.  I added assorted pieces from other figures to create his belt, painted him, and threw in my own custom made laser pistol.
Stormtrooper - Multi-Poseable
Gutting a Stormtrooper and placing his armor over the chiseled down frame of a G.I. Joe figure gave me the ultimate super poseable figure.  His holster is made of cardboard and stripped twist ties.
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
Using a Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, I sanded down the areas where his vest was and built it back up with Super Sculptey and got A JEDI KNIGHT LUKE SKYWALKER!!!  without his vest of course.
Boba Fett - Multi-Poseable
Giving Boba Fett the same treatment I gave the Stormtrooper I will get a super poseable figure, NOT pictured.  Also not pictured is the grisly fate that awaited Boba as we was sliced into dozens of pieces.
Han Solo in Bespin fatigues
Bespin Han Solo was once regular Han Solo but new sculpted details, a custom laser pistol, and a new paint job have brought him one step closer to his Carbonite fate and his final confrontation with Jabba the Hutt.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
The only figure not inspired by the movies Thrawn, from the 'Heir to the Empire' novel series, originated as a carbonite Han Solo with Sculptey sculpted details and the head off of a G.I. Joe Zartan figure.
Han Solo in Hoth Gear w/ removable hat
The gray coat on the Hoth Han bugged the hell out of me.  So with a few coats of paint I took care of that.  Then the hat started to bug me so on went a new head with the old one hollowed out for the removable hat.
 Picture Unavailable
12" Rebel Soldier
Using a G.I. Joe body and head I created this 12" Rebel Soldier.  Making clothes and accessories for the figure he resembles one of the doomed soldiers in the opening sequence of the first movie
Star Wars: A New Hope.
Here is a picture of the custom laser pistols
I made for these figures.  Notice that the
pistol has been shortened and the sight
has been repositioned.  For Han's
pistol from Star Wars, a new sight has
been added and the front of the pistol
has been altered.  Many people have
already expressed their wish to purchase
them.  I feel that they are a highlight
to this collection.
Custom Laser Pistols

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