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A Rankin/Bass production

--  J.R.R. Tolkien's  --

Bilbo Baggins
Expert Treasure Hunter

Even though my favorite character would have to be Gandalf, I decided that the main character should probably be done first of all.  So,.. I've started
with the central character of 'The Hobbit',
Bilbo Baggins.

Here's a simple scan to see the progress so far.  As you can see I've only finished the head and upper torso, and I think his arms are a bit long.  I'll try
fixing that when the time is right.

More to come later,...

06-18-00   -   Bilbo Baggins - early scan


I've almost finished sculpting the lower half of the torso, but in
my mind something's just not quite right.  I'll post a pic or two
when I've worked it all out.


I've pretty much finished the sculpt for my Bilbo, all I have left to do is to touch up a few spots here and there, but this is basically what it will look like in the end.

So far everyone has said that it looks good, and I'd agree with them, it's not too often when a project turns out the way you planned it.