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The links on the right, in the Star Wars Episode I
section now work,...  Go ahead and check them
out, or click on the old customs below.

I've placed a TEMPORARY Custom figures section
onto my site.  It is the old custom figures section and
will be replaced in time, but until I get around to doing
that I thought that I'd better put something up,...

I've finnaly created my new custom figures section.  It's taken me quite
some time to sort through all my previous creations and design a page
that worked well, and was what I wanted.

For those who want to know what's changed, I'll explain.  For starters
I've decided to focus mainly on 1:6 scale figures,so I've taken out all
the non 1:6 scale ones from the main group and have given them their
own section near the bottom.

I shall try to group them together when I can, but only if I have enough
figures for that specific catagory to warrent it.  As for the rest, I'll just list
them here with a link to their page.

Now,... Let's get started!