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Obi-Wan Kenobi
-The Phantom Menace-

Obi-Wan started as a simple body switch,... the Hsbro SW bodies
are the most misproportioned 12" figures they've made.  So after
obtaining a Dragon I started my work.

Of course as probably everyone knows Obi-Wan shirt is far too
long and needs to be shortened, easily enough, although someone
mentioned after the fact that one could cut along the waistline which
would be hidden under the belts, but too late for me, oh well.

I also ran some ribbon wire through the hem in his cloak, so now I can
position it, and it can retain it's shape without a lot of hassle.

~ - ~

I've thought about making my own head instead of using the Hasbro
head, but if you overlook the lack of detail, weird looking hairline,
and the bland expression on his face, it's really not all that bad.

~ - ~