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12"  Qui-Gon Jinn
-The Phantom Menace-

Well, I guess this would be my first Episode 1 custom.
Not totally original, more of an improvement over
the way Hasbro originally released him.

My first step was to update the articulation, I wanted to increase
the range of motion in his arms primarily and thought of swapping
his head onto a DRAGON figure body, but have yet to come by
one as of yet.  So I replaced his arms with those from a CC Joe
instead of swapping the head.  This way I don't have to deal with
the different sized necks, and I don't loose any of Liams height
in comparison to the other figs.

~ - ~

Here is a shot of the damage done to the body.  The white marks
on the body are stress marks left from me opening the body up.

And here are the first  pics of the range of motion added to his arms

I plan on resculpting the head and altering the saber belt attachment
to match the movie, so there's quite a way to go from here.

~ - ~

Now I'm working on replacing the head.  Some have said that it's the
best likeness to come out of the Star Wars 12" line yet and for the
most part I agree,... that's why I'm replacing it.

Here's the start of my new head next to the Hasbro one.

~ - ~

Well here he is,...  The scan doesn't quite do the head justice, the details
didn't show up due to the angle of the light, and his hair wanted to fall
forward causing it to expand sideways.  The new belt clip works well,
after the clip attachment on the saber was replaced with a screw I
made the box on the belt from 3 layers of sheet styrene.

Here's the final scan, hopefully I'll have a better photo taken soon.

~ - ~

I've started over from scratch as I bought a Dragon and my custom
head does not fit it at all, so look for a new sculpt to come soon.


click here for the new Qui-Gon Jinn

~ - ~