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Battle Droid (security)

The first thing I did when I opened up my Battle droid was to take sandpaper to him.
Apparently they decided to just hit him a couple of times with some gray paint
sprays here and there, how pathetic. This cheesy 'weathering' they put on these
figures was almost as disappointing as the 12" electronic C-3P0,
but this time I can do something about it.

After I sanded off all the gray spots on him I gave him a light wash of dark brown, which
filled in all the nice detail lines.  Then I added a light dry brushing of silver here and
there to give him more of a metal than plastic appearance.   It was at this point that I
decided that since I'm painting him anyway, might as well make him even
more unique and turn him into a security droid.

Here's a simple scan of the upper torso,  I've finished painting him
now, but I'm not thrilled with the articulation Hasbro saw fit to
bestow upon him, there is no upper arm swivel, which I feel
is an absolutely necessity.  So I'm going to have to add my own.
I've been debating on how to accomplish that for a while now.