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Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you ask me, nothing beats a Dragon figure, at this price range, when it comes to articulation. 

So,...  After a little bit of experimenting, I decided to use a G-4 Michael Chan body.  It has a smaller torso, which helps make his tunic look less bulky.  I switched the hands on this one, I wanted the poseable hands for this custom, they look awesome. 

I wish Dragon would put out a set of just poseable hands, that would be cool.

When I started this custom, I originally decided to keep the Hasbro head.  It doesn't look that bad.  It's a bit smaller than the rest of the SW figures, But is still pretty good.

With Episode 2 being filmed, I find myself having to sculpt a new likeness of Obi-Wan.  Now I'm wanting to make my own custom head for The Phantom Menace as well. So, here goes nothing!

Here's a basic sculpt of the head.  This quick scan shows the progress I've made so far.  No ears or hair yet, they'll be along soon.  I think it looks great so far, but only time will tell.

His boots are simply taken, unaltered, from the original figure while his belt had an extra notch put in the back to make it tighter.

His shirt was trimmed down to make it shorter and the sleeves were also thinned to more closely match the movie.  I made a  dickey and sleeves to give the appearance of an inner shirt, and his pants came from a Tatooine Luke Skywalker.

The lightsaber that came with this figure was pretty good and needed very few adjustments, it is a bit over sized though, so until I can find or make a better one this will do nicely. 

If anyone knows where to get a more accurate looking saber PLEASE, let me know.

Well,... I'm done sculpting my Obi-Wan head for
Episode I, now I can start on a sculpt for Episode II.

I'll paint him when I get the time, and I'll try to add some
comparison scans to the original as soon as I can.