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Plo Koon

This custom, although in Episode I, was actually inspired by the Jedi Power Battles game.  He has an entirely unique yellow saber, which I've always thought would be a cool color since Kenner gave the '77 luke one.  He's planned out, but now it's time to begin work on him.

I decided to just use a 21st century body for this custom, as Hasbro refuses to make their SW figs with better bodies. It has better articulation and is a lot cheaper than anything else out there, within acceptable limits.

A very rough beginning. 
The scan makes it look hideous.

Plo Koon's costume is relatively easy,  it's not based around the same principals as the standard Jedi robes, so there won't nearly as much work involved. His boots are simply borrowed from a qui-gon as I haven't seen any pics of his boots, or anything to support the fact that he even wears boots.

For the saber blade I picked up a plastic colored rod at an out of the way hobby shop.  It's the exact diameter of the hasbro blades and refracts the light better.  The only problem is that the end needs to be rounded off, and the other needs to be thinned in order to fit into a handle. 
I have yet to see any clear pictures of the saber handle Koon 'might' use.

if anyone has clear pictures of the kenner figure's saber or Jedi Power Battles pics,... or knows where to find them please let me know. 

I thought I would throw in another quick scan to show the direction I'm going, and the progress I've made so far.

I've added the more refined details to this side of his head, but I need better reference pictures for the other side.

If anyone can help me out, that would be great.

Quick Scan - The scanner is still making it look kinda goofy but it
looks better than the first frontal scan I did.