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Qui-Gon Jinn

I've decided to keep the original head for now, it doesn't look that bad.  It is a bit smaller than the rest of the SW figures, but for now, it works.
I decided to just use a 21st century body for this custom, as Hasbro refuses to make their SW figs with better bodies. It has better articulation and is a lot cheaper than anything else out there, within acceptable limits.  If I ever get around to making my own head I'll probably use a Dragon body, but until then,...
His belt and boots are simply repaints of the originals.  The rest of his costume was just taken, unaltered, from the original figure.
For the most part, Hasbro's accessories have been fairly good as far as detail goes, but they are usually not in the correct scale and tend to look more like a cheap toy rather than a collector's item.
One of the main problems with the accessories is the lightsabre.  It looks based on the original prop, but lacks many of the originals details and is definitely misporportioned.
Here is my own custom Graflex style lightsaber.  You can find the page on how it was created on the accessories page, or click on the link below

1:6 Scale Graflex Lightsaber

Click here for
Cinematic Sequence