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Inspired after seeing this recent sneak preview pic of C-3PO 
from Episode II, I thought it looked like a fun and ultimately 
easy project to work on.  Plus, as a simple repaint, it would
give me a much needed break from working with clay.
The high chrome deco of TC-14 won't really work for this 
project, Threepio appears to have been made by piecing 
together several different droids giving him this unique look. 

Therefor, I started by masking off the eyes and priming the 
entire figure.  I painted the separate body parts with 
different base coats of white, black, tan, dark red, and a 
dull silver according to the positioning seen in the photo.

Afterwards I added about half of the total paint chips I 
wanted to the body by painting the areas silver and outlined 
them with a color slightly darker than the original base coat.

The body was then weathered with different shades of 
brown and black washes. Several additional areas of a 
copper color were dry brushed on to simulate rust. 

At this time I went back and added the other half 
of the paint chips to give them a more recent appearance. 

To finish up the painting the textured grill over the light-up 
eyes was made silver, and additional drybrushed dirt 
particles and watered down black and yellow painted 
'oil stains' were finally added to the body to give him a 
more lived-in look.

Although not seen in any of my resource pics, just for extra 
added character, I went ahead and painted in some stress 
cracks along some of the joints and edges.

And now the finished project,...


The only problem that I can really see 
now, is that when you press the button 
on the back of his head he says the 
phrases from TC-14.